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The most important fields of application are:

CPD Betreuung von Großprojekten - Beispiel Jumeirah Beach Residences in Dubai
■ long-distance conveying
■ vertical conveying
■ underwater concreting
■ pumping steel fibre, lightweight and coarsegrain concrete
■ high rise constructions for office buildings, hotels, etc.
■ industrial constructions such as power stations, retaining dams
■ underground engineering and special construction work such as tunnel construction, pile foundation
■ civil engineering work such as bridges, post office towers


CPD hilft Ihnen bei der Planung
We plan the construction facilities, the location for the placing booms, the static layout for the setting-up heights and lots more

Cost reduction

We reduce costs and safeguard the availability of equipment by supplying wear and spare parts efficiently


CPD - Unterstützung durch Repräsentanten vor Ort
You profit from the qualified support of our on-site representatives. We supply all the elements necessary for your project on-time and in order


CPD - Beratung bei der Zusammensetzung von Betonrezepturen
We advise you on the composition of the mixes for your pump concrete


CPD - Wir schulen Ihre Mitarbeiter Vor Ort
We train your employees at your location directly at the machines they work on later


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