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PUMI control elements

Overview PUMI control elements
Mixer operating box

The mixer operating box beneath the ladder contains the key functions for controlling the mixer drum.

EGD in the control box

In the lockable module cabinet on the PUMI®, there is a storage compartment
next to the hydraulic boom control and the electrical control box. The entry menu on the EGD. Key pumping data can be recorded at a glance.

More information in the Ergonic chapter.

Pump control for on-site operation

The operating unit on the rear right for on-site operation of the machine and to display the pumping data.

Mixer control panel in the driver’s cab (Option)

Mixer operation from the driver’s cab is optional available. With the optional mixer control panel the driver has the possibility to operate various mixer-functions from the inside of the cabin. For example, the slump of the concrete can be estimated based on the hydraulic pressure of the mixer pump, which is displayed on the panel.



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